OPTION 1:   Raw Space, minim../um 400 sq../uare feet

Nothing provided, bare floor, no drapes.  This is designed for companies who have their own display or a gro../up who wants to b../uild their own pavilion.  Exhibitors ../using this space option m../ust have a constr../ucted display. 

Cost $28.00 per sq../uare foot, $2800 per 10x10 booth.


OPTION 2:  F../urnished Booth

White hard wall, carpet, black track lighting with 4 lights, one table, 2 chairs, 1 wastebasket, and company sign. 

Cost $38.00 per sq../uare foot, $3800 per 10x10 booth.


For all options, each corner booth will carry a premi../um of $350.

GLM will pay for yo../ur on-site materials handling costs. This means there will be no extra charges for yo../u for drayage -- the cost of receiving yo../ur freight, yo../ur display components and all prod../uct samples, taking it to yo../ur booth storing and ret../urning any empty crates or boxes and loading o../ut at the end of the show.

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